Our Win More Methodology


Curiza’s RISE Strategy

Curiza’s R.I.S.E. – Resurrect, Incubate, Support & Expand business engagement model powers partners​’ global growth initiatives at multiple levels.

Focused on expanding partners’ businesses, there are 4 challenges we help overcome with professional ease:

  • Using our Subsidiaries or Strategic partner network to build a superior international business.
  • Evaluating partner portfolios to provide forecasting and regulatory planning.
  • Support of the project in its entirety including monthly updates on selected products through our customer engagement model.
  • Registration of products and fine-tuning of the supply chain.

Our RISE partner engagement & business deliverables are the product of successes of hundreds of diverse partners, spanning all continents over the past 2 decades.

Partner growth & outcomes continue to be impressive with the following achievements:

  • Time to market lag times reduced by at least 50%.
  • Investment expenses lowered by over 40%.
  • Revenue Increased 4-7 times than achieved by distributors/importers.
  • Elimination of management errors allowing partners to focus 100% on generating more business with better ROI.
  • Leveraging of all available tax benefits while minimizing liabilities.


  • Create & build better brands with better outcomes.
  • Remove Red Tape.
  • Quick & Effective Market Access.
  • Minimize Financial Risk.
  • Managed Expert Supervision.


  • Harness advantages of a fully operational network.
  • Product portfolio optimization based on market analysis and regional regulatory requirements.
  • Minimal Risk Exposure.
  • Consistent customer advice & best in class support at every stage.


Deliver comprehensive support allowing partners to focus on boosting sales/revenues while expanding business footprint intelligently & cost effectively with:

  • Administrative support.
  • Regulatory support with legally aligned business Terms.
  • Agile IT support & cybersecurity.
  • On time payment and business continuity.
  • Widely trusted network of business partners for every business specialty.


  • Grow more, expand faster in lucrative new regions.
  • Sales Setup & business modeling/Ownership.
  • Proven partner engagements.
  • Key Account Management to maximize ROI.
  • Scale up for operational expansion.
  • Detailed Analysis with custom restructuring where required.
  • Professional and knowledgeable Legal Support.

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